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More than a brewer

JC Jacobsen was a pioneer with a purpose. When he founded Carlsberg in 1847, his vision was to do much more than brew great beers that would stand the test of time. Almost two centuries on, his legacy is extraordinary.

Today, a global brewer, the Carlsberg Group continues to be majority-owned by the Carlsberg Foundation, which Jacobsen established to ensure Carlsberg would continue to seek scientific advances. Not only in pursuit of the highest-quality beer, but also as part of essential research for the benefit of society.


Breakthrough brewing

Since 1876, the Carlsberg Research Laboratory has made some of the most important scientific discoveries in recent history – from Emil Chr Hansen’s method of purifying yeast to Søren PL Sørensen’s development of the pH scale.

True to Jacobsen’s vision, the Foundation goes on to support ground-breaking research within the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, even contributing to solving some of the world’s global problems.