Carlsberg Group Kicks Off 170th Anniversary Celebrations

Carlsberg Group is launching 170 hours of unique celebrations in Copenhagen to mark the 170th anniversary of the brewery.

During the 170 hours - or a full week - people from all over the world will experience the impact Carlsberg has had on the world of brewing and on Copenhagen. This will come to life through art exhibitions, special tastings, walks, culminating with Probably the best Street Party on 26th August.

From Tuesday 22nd August, a special Carlsberg edition of the famous Streets of the World photo exhibition will be open to public in Carlsberg’s Old Brewhouse, which has been out of use for over a decade and is opened exclusively for the exhibition. Photographer Jeroen Swolfs vision is to show a positive image of the world we live in and highlighting our similarities rather than our differences.
On Wednesday 23rd August, Carlsberg founder J.C. Jacobsen will take the stage at the Carlsberg Glyptotek to share his life philosophy with the world, the life philosophy he founded the Carlsberg brewery on and is still embedded in every one working at Carlsberg.
On the same day, Carlsberg will also unveil the latest sustainability invention to mark the release of its new sustainability plan, Together Towards ZERO. Bringing sustainability all the way to the end consumer, Carlsberg will emphasize its ambitions and actions on the premises of J. C. Jacobsen’s old brewery, today part of Visit Carlsberg visitors centre.

On Friday 25th August, the Carlsberg Foundation will host a grand event in the Concert Hall at Danish Radio called the Art of Light, where world-famous artist Olafur Eliason and renowned Harvard Professor Lene Hau will discuss science, arts and light.
The climax of the week is on Saturday 26th August, when Carlsberg Group launches Probably the best Street Party in the World on Old Carlsberg Road for all people in Copenhagen.

“Carlsberg Group has used the past 170 years creating not only probably the best beer in the world, but also revolutionised the entire brewing industry improving quality through science. For 170 hours in Copenhagen, Carlsberg Group will celebrate yesterday’s and today’s achievements as well as highlighting how we plan to brew for a better tomorrow through investments in science and contributions to society,” Carlsberg’s CEO Cees ‘t Hart, says.

Throughout the week, Visit Carlsberg invites gastronomic guests to experience a unique menu where arts meet science. The Head chef at the Carlsberg Museum has collaborated with experts at the Carlsberg Research Centre to develop a full menu, using only ingredients previously or currently used in beer. Separate walks through the historical cellars will also be conducted.

On the occasion of the 170th anniversary all museums connected with the Carlsberg Foundation and the New Carlsberg Foundation, including the New Carlsberg Glyptotek and Frederiksborg Castle, will offer a limited number of free-access tickets for people to win. The latter is also launching an exhibition dedicated to J.C. Jacobsen, his son Carl Jacobsen and his contemporaries who were all part of the so-called Golden Age of Copenhagen.

Finally, a unique graphical universe has been created for the anniversary that adorns everything from cans, bottles and POS, to a wide range of digital solutions across social and other digital platforms, in most of Carlsberg’s markets around the world.

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