Carlsberg Launches New ‘If Carlsberg Did’ Advertising Creative Alongside Range of Grooming Products

Carlsberg will be back on screens this week with the latest instalment of its ‘If Carlsberg Did…’ campaign, with ‘If Carlsberg Did Haircuts’, featuring its new range of grooming products.

‘If Carlsberg did Haircuts’ is the second film in the new run of the "If Carlsberg did" series which was re-launched this year, backed by a £12m investment. It will go live globally today (22nd June) rolling out across digital, social media and broadcast channels.

The new creative takes viewers on a fantasy experience starting with a man and his dog entering a barber shop looking for a stylish trim. The customer is quickly guided through to a surreal back room, with singers performing on stage, before being seated with a cold pint of Carlsberg. The experience includes mirrors replaced with striking Scandinavian Fjords, a reverse clipper, adding hair to men’s heads and of course, a seat for man’s best friend to join the reinvented grooming regime.

Alongside the new advertisement, Carlsberg has launched a new limited-edition shampoo, conditioner and body lotion, each made with premium Carlsberg beer. The main ingredients in Carlsberg – barley, hops and yeast are naturally rich in vitamin B and Silicum, said to have beautifying properties for both hair and skin.

David Scott, Director of Brands and Insight at Carlsberg UK commented: "We decided to bring the popular concept of ‘If Carlsberg Did’ back to screens and it has been met with incredible consumer engagement.

"The new series plays on everyday scenarios, such as supermarket shopping and getting a haircut. This, alongside the launch of the new grooming kit has been developed to

continue to drive brand awareness and trial, using situations our target market can identify with as a platform."

‘If Carlsberg did Haircuts’ follows this year’s earlier launch of the popular advertisement, ‘If Carlsberg Did Supermarkets’. The new advertisement will initially run on digital and social media channels, such as YouTube and Facebook before rolling into prime time TV slots on ITV1, C4 and Sky until the end of September.

View the ‘If Carlsberg did Haircuts’ advertisement here:

The new Carlsberg grooming kit is available now at