Carlsberg's Father of Quality Lager 'Re-brew' Goes on Sale

Three years ago, brewers at Carlsberg in Copenhagen made a surprising discovery – a single bottle of the world’s first quality lager, which was brewed in 1883 and used the world’s first pure yeast, developed at the Carlsberg Laboratory.

Carlsberg’s Copenhagen-based Research Laboratory has spent the past three years recreating the lager, cultivating the yeast and using 19th century brewing techniques to create a limited run of the 1883 beer, named ‘Re-brew’.

Carlsberg has announced that Re-brew will be made available to beer-drinkers in the UK for one month only. From 1 – 31 October 2016, 600 bottles of Re-brew will be available to purchase at London’s St Bart’s Brewery, priced at £12.95 per bottle.   

All proceeds from sales of the beer will be given to the University of Nottingham’s International Centre for Brewing Science. Carlsberg UK and the university will identify an existing full-time Master’s student, currently studying at the University, who meets the values of the Carlsberg Foundation, and cover the entirety of their course fees. 

Liam Newton, vice president of marketing for Carlsberg UK, said: “It has taken Carlsberg’s brewers years of craft and dedication to get to a point where we can make Re-brew available to the public. I’m incredibly excited to be able to sample the beer that our forefathers drank, which is recognised globally as the ‘Father of Quality Lager’. This is a fantastic opportunity for UK beer-drinkers to purchase the Re-brew beer before anyone else in the world. 

The original 1883 lager was one of the first to be brewed using the groundbreaking discovery of pure yeast which eradicated ‘beer sickness’, a common problem affecting the smell and taste of beer in the 19th century. Rather than patenting the development of the yeast strain, Carlsberg decided to give away the yeast for free to other breweries around the world. Today, most lagers originate from the 1883 yeast-discovery, including major international brands.

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