England v Wales - Views from Across the Bar

Football fever swept the nation yesterday as England took on Wales in a pivotal UEFA EURO 2016™ match. A 92nd minute winner from Daniel Sturridge prompted joyous scenes in pubs and bars across England, and heartbreak in Wales.

24 hours after the full-time whistle, two Carlsberg UK customers that were showing the game in their venue describe the dramatic moment.

“Simply crazy”, says Matt Niedzwietz of the Carlsberg Sports Bar on Leicester Square, London. “When Sturridge scored at the end the entire place erupted – I wish I had a camera!”

Chris D’Alessio of The Picturedrome in Northampton agreed, even if he did have to dry the floor afterwards. “The atmosphere at the end was outstanding - absolutely amazing! Naturally, with a 92nd minute winner, beer went everywhere as people celebrated - but it was all in good humour.” 

A week into the tournament, both venues are seeing the positive effect that UEFA EURO 2016™ is having on the trade. “We’ve been fully booked for the England v Wales match since mid-May – and we even had to extend capacity into other areas of the bar to meet demand, which is fantastic” said Niedwietz. 

The Picturedrome was just as busy, also welcoming 400 punters for the home nations clash. “We’ve split our venue into two halves”, D’Alessio explains. “The front half has bookable tables, with a ‘text-service’ allowing customers to order drinks on their mobile phone – something that is proving to be extremely popular. At the back we have a standing area, which helps to create a great atmosphere. We show the games on a 15ft screen.”

Whilst matches involving the home nations present an obvious opportunity, D'Alessio explains that other fixtures are also helping to get people off of the sofa and into the pub. “Around 20% of people stayed in the pub after the match had finished, but before long, people started arriving for the next game. In the evening, we had 300 for the Germany v Poland game.”

With another three weeks of action still to come, the opportunity for the nation’s pubs and bars is just beginning. For insight and advice on making UEFA EURO 2016™ work for your business, download Carlsberg UK’s UEFA 2016™ Consumer Insights Report ​by clicking here.