Global Beer Responsibility Day 2017

Global Beer Responsibility Day came around once more this year, prompting brewers such as Carlsberg UK to create awareness for responsible drinking within our society.

This year we took racing car simulators to both offices in Leeds and Northampton, for staff to experience the full effect that alcohol can have on the senses whilst driving.

A variety of goggles that mimicked the effects of alcohol, when slightly over the drink - driving limit, after several units of alcohol and after a heavy night of drinking was an eye – opening experience. Many employees noticed that their lap time on the simulators was significantly affected when wearing the beer goggles, compared to when they had all of their normal senses in use without any affects of alcohol. 

We also sent our trade media mailers containing Carlsberg 0,0% and San Miguel 0,0% lager to remind them how good alcohol free beer tastes, along with a letter wishing the journalists a happy GBRD 2017.

F1 simulators

Carlsberg UK staff having a go on the F1 simulators

Trade media beer mailer (GBRD)

Trade media beer mailer

Staff on GBRD 2017

Staff enjoying alcohol free beer