If Carlsberg Did Cases…

Carlsberg surprised passengers at the baggage reclaim of London City Airport last week when crates of Carlsberg appeared on the carousel with the invitation ‘Take Me, I’m Yours’. As passengers waited to collect their suitcases, secret filming captured the shock and delight of the free beer giveaway.

The stunt was produced to celebrate the return of Carlsberg’s classic advertising strapline, ‘If Carlsberg did…'. The cases viral follows a series of ‘If Carlsberg Did’ moments commissioned by the brand this year, including a beer dispensing poster and drone delivery service.

Secret camera footage shows initial disbelief as tired travellers straight off the flight watch the crates of beer emerge. Once it became clear they were a gift from Carlsberg the fliers joyfully accepted them before sharing their delight on social media.

Instagram user 'Garfla' posted an image holding his crate of beer remarking "If Carlsberg did Air Travel", while @sarahthemachine, tweeted "London City Airport: home of a mythical baggage claim giving people free cases of Carlsberg! Many happy travellers!"

Dharmesh Rana, Senior Brand Manager at Carlsberg UK, said: "Waiting for your luggage when you get home from holiday is that defining moment when you know that your holiday is over, you go from the highs of being on holiday back to the reality of returning to work, that’s why we decided to cheer up returning holidaymakers with a crate of ice-cold Carlsberg. We hope our gift made the process of unpacking that little bit more bearable!"

The cases arrived on the baggage reclaim carousel of London City Airport at 18:24, Sunday 19 July and were free for members of the public to collect.

To view the full video of the stunt, visit the following link: