One example is the National Brewing Museum in Burton, which holds pub signs, memorabilia, archives and vehicles from Allied, Tetley Walker, Romford Brewing Company, to name just a few. 

Transport played an important part in the evolution of the brewing industry, from horse-drawn drays through to modern-day vehicles. Burton houses a fine collection of vehicles that includes delivery wagons and fire trucks. This includes a number of heritage vehicles owned by Carlsberg UK including a three wheel articulated Scammel lorry and fire engine.

But at the heart of the collection is a 1919 Model T Ford. 

A few weeks ago colleagues David Bodily and Karl Wilshaw went to meet the ‘Vehicle Volunteers’ and thanked them for their recent work and support in refurbishing the Model T Ford back to its former glory. The car has been reassembled, restored and finished with new decals and paintwork.

To thank them for their work David and Karl provided a donation £1,500 to the Trust for further works to the collection. This unique collection provides an intriguing and fascinating element to a visit to brewing experience and we’re proud to help in this small way.

The car is now running and on show at the centre if you’d like to see it in action.

For more visit the National Brewing Museum in Burton website.