Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark attended a dinner in the evening at the Carlsberg Museum, together with about 100 other guests. He was was given the first of 30 Re-brew bottles tapped earlier in the day.

Here's what some of the beer expert in attendance said after tasting the world’s first quality lager.

Garrett Oliver, Beermaster from Brooklyn Brewery, used words like "modern ", "clean," "relatively sweet but balanced" and with a "light friutiness" and described the opportunity to taste a beer from a few hundred years ago as a "fascinating thing".

"1883 is when things started to get kind of good," says Garrett Oliver. "Before that you kind of never quite knew and this was the start of really knowing things (about yeast in beer brewing), which as a brewer I find really interesting."

Stephen Beaumont, Author of World Atlas of Beer, thought the aromatics and finish were "very interesting".

Jay Brooks, Beer Writer, thought is was "nice and yeasty".

Carlsberg Foundation Chairman Flemming Besenbacher described the tasting cermony as a "fantastic moment" and praised the Carlsberg Research Laboratory brewmasters for their great work. Carlsberg Group CEO Cees 't Hart joined Flemming in a toast and what Cees called the chance to "taste an old beer in a re-brew".