A contribution to be proud of

14,000 jobs and £830 million – our contribution to the to the UK economy.

Carlsberg was first imported to the UK over 150 years ago. And for over 50 of those, we’ve been brewing in our hometown of Northampton.

In 2019, we commissioned research to establish the contribution to the UK economy of our 700 colleagues working in brewing, sales and support functions, and found that each Carlsberg UK employee created an additional 14 jobs in hospitality, one with suppliers and five in retail.

That’s a massive 14,000 jobs created through indirect and induced employment! And the value added through the production and sale of our products in the UK is calculated to be around GBP 830 million, mostly in hospitality.

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jobs in hospitality


job with suppliers, including agriculture


jobs in retail

Other examples of how we will reach ZERO by 2020

A better bottle

A better bottle

Probably the best beer in the world deserves nothing less than the best bottle! So when we launched the new perfectly balanced Carlsberg Danish Pilsner in March 2019, we worked closely with our glass suppliers to develop a bottle to be proud of. It’s not only embossed with our founder’s signature, but it’s 10g lighter than the one it replaced. In just the first year this saved over 134 tonnes of glass across the Carlsberg portfolio!

Pints without the packaging

Pints without the packaging

Another reason to support your local pub – beer on draught is the lowest carbon packaging format you can find. And some of our kegs have been going between pubs and our packaging line since the brewery was built in the 70s, delivering freshly brewed beer to consumers across the country.

The alcohol-free revolution

The alcohol-free revolution

Next time you’re scanning the bar, you might spot something a little different – a 0.4% abv lager from our partners at Brooklyn Brewery. We’re committed to improving accessibility of great-tasting alcohol-free beers that don’t compromise on quality or taste. Now, with Brooklyn Brewery’s Special Effects available on tap, consumers won’t compromise on experience either.

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